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it’s almost spring, baby! baby quilt

This quilt is my celebration of it being almost spring around here!  I realized after putting this quilt together that it’s definitely spring colors.  Little bits of green with some blue skies and some sun thrown in.

The Arithmetic pattern came in quite handy, so zooming through the cutting was really quick.  This is a baby size with some extra width added.  I couldn’t stop re-arranging the pluses, so I decided I might as well make it a smidge bigger.

The velveteen backing (Anna Maria Horner Field Study) is just a dream.  Since it’s 54” wide I didn’t even need to piece it.  I decided to spray and pin baste just in case.  Seemed to do the trick!  While quilting I did have a couple of the first rows get a little crazy on the back.  A needle change and a little tension adjustment and things were just peachy after that.  I will definitely be using velveteen as much as possible, I can’t stop petting it!

It was so quick to quilt and bind.  This quilt is headed off to my friends, they recently added a tiny little boy to their family of three.  I can’t wait to stop by with the quilt and visit.

Finished size 42” x 42”, various solids, Cloud 9’s Eloise Renouf and Skinny Laminx, some Lizzy House, Dear Stella, and even a pinch of Anna Maria Horner.

20 Responses to it’s almost spring, baby! baby quilt

  1. sophie 04.04.2014 at 11:54 am #

    love! I am crazy about plus quilts as you may know! love your choice of fabrics!! so so nice!

  2. Teresa 04.04.2014 at 12:58 pm #

    What an awesome friend you are! Love little baby quilts, and I’m sure this one is going to be much loved by your friend (and her new addition)!

  3. kristin 04.04.2014 at 1:14 pm #

    Ohh what a nice baby boy color combo! I need to try backing a quilt with velveteen, too…seems like a great idea. Happy weekend, Anna!

  4. Katy Cameron 04.04.2014 at 1:55 pm #

    Yay for spring, love the colours

  5. DKB 04.04.2014 at 2:48 pm #

    love the velveteen and that yellow print- did you also use batting?

    • Anna 04.04.2014 at 3:03 pm #

      I did! I tried the Pellon’s legacy cotton batting. It’s really soft, nice drape, too!

  6. aangto 04.04.2014 at 3:49 pm #

    It’s beautiful! I just bought some Pellon batting to try it out – thanks for confirming it was worthwhile to get!

  7. Lydia 04.04.2014 at 10:12 pm #

    Beautiful! Lucky baby with a awesome quilt! I just have to share Jillian’s crib is up & her quilt, bedskirt & pillows are in there…now to paint the room. Too many wonderful colors to choose from but the quilt is great inspiration! Thanks again!

  8. Farm Quilter 04.04.2014 at 11:38 pm #

    Cute, cute cute!!! What a lucky baby!!! The colors are so calm and the baby will enjoy the snuggle with the backing!

  9. Jenny 04.05.2014 at 1:10 am #


  10. Lynne Tilley 04.05.2014 at 2:00 am #

    So dreamy and adorable!

  11. jocky mariya 04.05.2014 at 5:38 am #

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  12. Cynthia 04.05.2014 at 8:30 am #

    I just basted a quilt with flannel my first ever! I’m not brave enough for Velveteen just yet. I’m working my way up. Thanks for sharing Cynthia

  13. house on hill road 04.05.2014 at 8:40 am #

    it’s adorable! lucky, lucky baby!

  14. Jeni 04.05.2014 at 9:54 am #

    Love it! The colors are so happy and sweet! :)

  15. Kay 04.05.2014 at 10:25 am #

    Lovely!! I really like the idea of the velveteen backing too as it will be beautifully soft.

  16. Kathy@KayakQuilting 04.05.2014 at 4:00 pm #

    Oh this looks so inviting! Beautiful colors!

  17. Joe Zuchowicz 04.07.2014 at 7:56 pm #

    Great post Anna! Love the colors. I’m hoping to start my first quilt this fall.

  18. amandajean 04.08.2014 at 9:28 am #

    It’s soooooo gorgeous, Anna! That is one lucky baby! Love, love, love your photos, as usual. And hurray for spring! :)

  19. Amy 04.08.2014 at 10:56 am #

    Love the colors! Definitely happy to have some spring inspiration!

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