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Archive | May, 2012

peonies and a tooth

The flowers are out! Way ahead of time.  Seems strange, almost everyday I get confused at what time of year it is and think it’s fall already.  Good thing it’s not, because I can’t wait for some summer fun!  I think I’m most excited about going blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry picking.  Hoping to load up the freezer this time, too.

[yes, that’s my sewing scissors, doubles as a peony cutting device, cringe]

Of course the girls discovered that the peonies were indeed blooming already!  In the past I’ve never really cut many to put inside and enjoy, but this year I’m cutting away!  They only last so long before it’s over, and the smell, it fills up my whole kitchen!  Of course Emily cut her first stems about 1″ long, ha.  I rescued them and put them in a shallow bowl.

[of course the beagle had to get a piece of the action too]

On a not so similar note, the same day we cut the peonies, was the day after Natalie lost her first tooth.  Had to document the occasion.  She pulled it out during math time at kindergarten (she must have been bored).  It’s kind of scary how fast they’re growing up.  These little milestones keep passing by so quick.

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