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Archive | June, 2010

tank dress

You’ve maybe seen this fabric before, right?  Well, I saved what remains I had figuring it would be a cute top for my youngest someday.  But I decided to make it into a tank dress for my oldest instead! 

With all the shirring madness going around lately, I had just had to make another project.  I ended up sewing 8 lines of shirring to get the waist part of the dress and just tucked the store bought tank inside and sewed a line of stitching (also using elastic thread in the bobbin) on the top and bottom of the shirring rows. 

Nice and stretchy, and comfortable, we’re all about comfortable around here.

Finally, I finished it off by hand sewing on a little bit of blue trim to the neckline.  I should note here that it’s already made its way through the wash and well, I guess I need to refine my hand sewing skills because I had to re-tack down one end.  Nothing that couldn’t be fixed though. 

Perfect for kickin’ back on a nice summery day. 
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