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in the beginning…

I’ve been considering for a couple months now about re-starting my blog.  I’ve discovered my new hobby that I’m pretty much addicted to now — sewing.   I discovered the whole blogging community of sewers (is that a word?) and hope I can make a tiny contribution and maybe make a few friends along the way, learn some great tricks and have fun!  Hopefully someone will want to look at this, but if not at least I’ll have a records of the things I’ve made.  A list of things I’ve made for my noodleheads! Here’s a few I’ve been working on…

My buttercup bag (and coordinating wallet), a great pattern from Made by Rae.  I am in love with her talents. 

My mom’s birthday present, the multitasker tote by Anna Maria Horner.  I made this one at 75%.

Grand Revival Flea Market Bag!  My friend Jill ended up with this one, I love the Good Folks fabric that I purchased from on this one.


3 Responses to in the beginning…

  1. Tanna P . . . aka 08.12.2009 at 3:58 pm #

    adorable! do you create your own patterns for these? i love the second one with the fun pockets

  2. Anna 09.10.2009 at 9:21 pm #

    Tanna – I think the one you’re talking about with the pockets is a pattern from Anna Maria Horner called the “Multitasker” hope that helps! It was really fun to make, I’ve made two so far.

  3. Amanda Mahar 02.26.2015 at 6:34 am #

    Ha look how far you’ve come! You are by far my fave sewing blogger, I am addicted to your amazing patterns!

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